The Fridolin Müller factory was founded in 1952 under the name of "Tierhaarverwertung" (Animal hair manufacturing) Fridolin Müller.

Factory owners were Mr. Fridolin Müller and his wife Olga.

They worked with cattle hair which partly came from German cattle. Most of it however was imported from America, mainly from Chicago.

These hairs were processed in four working operations to the so called "bakers' bundles".

The working operations included loosening the hairs using a so called "hair-wolf",heckling them which means combing them into one direction, "pulling" the hairs to different lengths and then binding the different lengths to "bakers' bundles". Those bundles were then delivered to the manufacturers of paint-brushes.

Machines were used for some of the working operations.

About 1969 the production of brushes for carwashes was added. 1972 was the beginning of the production of technical brushes.

In that year a factory was overtaken that mainly made „Pudermaschines" (powdering systems) for confectioneries. Occasionally that factory also produced technical brushes.

Over the years the marketing of powdering systems reduced and they focused more and more on the production and marketing of technical brushes as well as carwash brushes and

The program covers a broad range of cylindrical brushes that can be made with different materials and sizes.

Due to the size of the factory we are also able to offer small quantities at a reasonable price.

The initial field of cattle hair production had to be given up as off about 1980, because it wasn't possible to compete with material from abroad, mainly from China.

The factory's primary goal is to supply big and small companies with cost-effective products which at the same time have an excellent quality. Also, we are in a position to respond to special requirements of customers in our production.

Our mission statement:
Our products are of high quality
and are also made to individual requirements.

We can offer you in particular:

  • Deburring brushes
  • Cylinder brushes
  • Tube brushes
  • Technical brushes
  • Wire brushes
  • Nylon brushes
  • Twisted brushes
  • Brushes for washing systems
  • TRUCK wash brushes
  • Carwash brushes

Cylindrical brushes/tube brushes are produced in any material such as bristles, horsehair, nylon, Perlon, brass, steel wire, etc. and in any desired size.

For your requests and orders, we ask for the following information:
(a) total length of the brush, including handle
(b) loading width (working width)
(c) diameter of the brush
(d) filling material
(e) whether with eyelet or blunt end
(f) purchase quantity